It's one of the biggest frustrations that comes with suffering from an anal fissure: the burning and itching. It's extremely embarrassing to experience these symptoms around others for example at work.

Why Does It Occur?

An fissure is a small tear in the anal lining. There are hundreds of nerve endings in the anus so even the smallest of irritation can cause a huge amount of discomfort in this region.

Bowel Movements Compound The Problem

Unfortunately, we as humans need to eat in order to survive. It sounds crude but what goes in, must come out.

Normally we don't think twice about this until it become a problem.

When you have an anal fissures, everything changes because your stools contain a lot of bacteria. When these bacteria come into contact with the nerve endings, which are exposed by the fissure, it causes a tremendous amount of pain.

Along with the pain you'll also experience irritation, which could feel like burning and/or itching.

How To Alleviate The Symptoms

There are a few solutions available.

The first is to naturally make sure that you clean thoroughly after a bowel movement. Any left over fibers from your stools will cause you extreme discomfort because bacteria rapidly multiply.

The second solution is to apply a cooling cream or gel to the area. If you haven't got anything to hand then grab something from the freezer. An ice cube will do just fine or a small bag of frozen peas.