Would You Like Support In Your Recovery Journey?

Sam Summers, the world's leading coach for healing painful fissures, has created a free Facebook group, where you can get the support that you need to make a full recovery.

- Inside the group, Sam has a number of special trainings that go into depth on subjects like:

      'Understanding The Difference Between A Fissure & A Hemorrhoid'
      'The Likely Reasons Why You Developed A Fissure'
      'Why The Standard Medical Treatment Model (That Many Authoritative Websites Regurgitate) Is Broken'
      'What's Holding You Back In Your Recovery'
      'What Happens If I Don't Treat My Fissure?'

      ** Hint: you won't find these trainings anywhere else!

      You'll also find case studies of students that have recovered to inspire you and much, much more!