It can be extremely frustrating having to deal with an anal fissure for a prolonged period of time.

Especially when this period of time (which varies hugely between individuals) has no end in site.

All Consuming Pain

What starts off as a minor irritation quickly develops into a full blown condition where the pain becomes all consuming and literally takes over your life.

It's all you think about: from the moment you wake up to the time that you go to sleep.

So why does it take so long to heal?

Restricted Blood Supply

The reason is a reduced blood supply in the anal passage.

Having a tear in the anus is literally the worst place to suffer a wound.

And the reason is because it's so damn difficult to heal!

See, after you have a bowel movement, the anal sphincter muscle goes into spasm if you have a tear. 

The spasm pushes away the supply of blood into the area meaning that oxygen and other nutrients that blood carries can't get into the area.

The anal sphincter muscle does eventually stop its spasm but the effects can go on for hours. 

This is why if you have a bowel movement in the morning, then come evening time your pain should have subsided.

Irrational Bathroom Fears

Of course, now you've developed an irrational fear of going to the bathroom to have a bowel movement... 

Because you know what's going to happen the next morning: the pain is going to start all over again.

So what's the solution?

No Quick Fix - Advanced Treatment Needed

There is no quick fix for this. 

But there is a solution and I've developed an advanced training to help you with this problem.

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