Frequently Asked Questions

What's The Difference Between A Fissure & A Hemorrhoid?

An anal fissure is a small tear just inside (or outside) the anus. A hemorrhoid (also referred to as piles) is a swollen vein in the lowest part of your rectum and anus. Hemorrhoids bulge and get irritated when the walls of the blood vessels in the anus are stretched. This stretching is common during a bowel movement.

Why Does It Take So Long For My Fissure To Heal?

Your fissure is a wound that re-opens every time you go to the bathroom. When you have a fissure, blood flow to the area becomes restricted because of spasm by the anal sphincter muscles. Reduced blood flow to the area means that it takes longer to heal than other areas of the body, for example a cut on your knee or arm.

I'm Fed Up Of My Fissure! But I Don't Want Surgery... Can You Help?

It's sad that a small tear like an anal fissure can cause such devastation. The pain is horrific. What's even worse is that anal fissures are not well understood by the medical profession. Many people suffer in silence, often because of shame or embarrassment.  They live with their fissure for months, or even years, because they don't know what to do!

In this workshop, Sam will teach you some of his best strategies that he used to help others, just like you, to recover.

Why Is An Anal Fissure So Painful?

There are hundreds of nerve endings in the anus. A tear in such a sensitive area will expose these nerve endings. The pain is amplified because the anus has more nerves than most other exposed areas of the body.

Can I Heal My Fissure Naturally?

Yes, but you need to be realistic about the healing process. Some fissures heal on their own but for many people it takes weeks or even months to heal, especially if the fissure is chronic (over 6 weeks in duration).

It's important to understand that living in the same conditions that caused your fissure will not help your recovery. You'll need to make significant changes to your diet and lifestyle if you want a chance of healing naturally.

Many people have achieved success with H-Fissures Formula to heal their fissure.

Can I Shave My Butt Hair To Clean More Thoroughly?

If the hair in your anus is causing you problems after a bowel movement then it's worth considering ways to remove it. Waxing the hair could thin the skin which will delay your healing. Shaving the hair is a safer option but when the hairs grow back they may cause bumps that will make you itch. The best solution is to laser the hair off. Your local beauty salon can help you with this.

My Doctor Is Sympathetic But Not Helpful. What Else Can I Do?

Anal fissures affect tens of thousands of people. Unfortunately, traditional medical advice doesn't work for many people, and so they continue to suffer in silence for months and even years with their condition.

If your anal fissure is affecting your work, or your social life, we recommend you join our friendly community: 'Heal My Fissure' group where you will get the chance to get support from Sam Summers and others that are in your position. Sam has experienced what you're going through and has helped many people to heal. 

Are There Any Foods That I Should Avoid?

Everyone's body is different. Some people are able to tolerate certain foods that others can't. Some people have benefitted from cutting out dairy or processed meats.

If you enjoy eating beetroot, it's worth knowing that this vegetable will make your stools red. So you may end up with a false positive and assume that you have blood in your bowel movements.

You should up your water intake if you have an anal fissure. Dehydration can lead to constipation. If this happens, your bowel movements will be affected, which will make it difficult to heal.

I've Heard That Botox Can Help Me To Heal?

Botox can work for some people but not everyone will benefit. One of the nasty side effects of Botox is loss of control. If you suffer from flatulence (wind) it will be impossible for you to control the sound and the release of the wind! Discretion at work or in a social setting will be lost.

Also, Botox is a temporary fix. If your fissure doesn't heal once the Botox wears off then you'll need to look at other options or keep repeating your sessions.

Can Bananas Help Make My Stools Soft Or Do They Constipate?

It's a matter of timing! It all depends on what stage you eat a banana. If the banana is hard and unripe, it will cause constipation. A ripe banana will help your stools become softer. The difference is due to the pectin (the fiber part) in the banana. The softer the banana, the easier it is for the pectin to release. Pectin helps to draw water from the intestines towards the stool and thus makes them softer.