Food Intolerances

Many of us have an intolerance to a particular type of food. You may not be aware of it but consuming a food that your body can't easily digest will usually bring you out in a rash on your skin, or you may suffer itchiness, or bloating.

A common intolerance is gluten. You'll know if you have an intolerance by the symptoms that you suffer shortly after consuming that food.

A more serious type of intolerance is an allergy. Allergies produce a strong reaction by the body and for many people these reactions can be life threatening.

How This Affects You

Food intolerances can cause an anal fissure if it causes your stools to change from normal to a liquid state ie. diarrhea. Repetitive episodes of diarrhea can cause an anal fissure.

In addition, repeatedly consuming a food that you have an intolerance (or allergy) to which slow down your recovery.


Because your body is treating that food as a toxin.

Much like when you drink alcohol, or consume another drug, your body is trying to excrete that drug making you go to the toilet more often (through urine).

When you consume foods that you're intolerant to, it causes inflammation in the body and this has an impact on your immune system. Instead of putting resources towards your wound (the fissure), your body is now diverting it's energy to getting rid of the toxin that you've consumed.

What To Do Next

Go and see a health practioner or an expert in food and nutrition. You can ask in your local health food shop if they know someone that specializes in food intolerance tests.

You can also look in Google, or do a search in Facebook or LinkedIn.

Take the test.

You might be surprised to learn what foods your body is fine with and what it doesn't like.

Once you have this knowledge try eliminating the food from your diet for a minimum of 3 months. It can be tough, especially if you're doing this with a food that you really like!

See if you feel any difference after 3 months.

It's likely you'll have an increase in energy, better clarity of mind and more importantly, a stronger immune system.