Do I Have A Fissure Or Hemorrhoid?

An anal fissure is a small tear just inside (or outside) the anus. A hemorrhoid (also referred to as piles) is a swollen vein in the lowest part of your

Long Time To Heal

It can be extremely frustrating having to deal with an anal fissure for a prolonged period of time. Especially when this period of time (which varies hugely between individuals) has

Stop That Itching!

It's one of the biggest frustrations that comes with suffering from an anal fissure: the burning and itching. It's extremely embarrassing to experience these symptoms around others for example at

Food Intolerances And Allergies

Food IntolerancesMany of us have an intolerance to a particular type of food. You may not be aware of it but consuming a food that your body can't easily digest

Straining – Why It’s A No Go

Straining because of hard stools is probably the number one cause of anal fissures because as the stool passes through the anal canal it causes a rupture of the lining.

Is My Fissure Acute Or Chronic?

If you've only had your fissure for a few weeks then it's possible that your body will heal itself if you avoid hard stools.Consider yourself lucky: your fissure is acute