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Here’s What You'll Get From The Calls

Session 1: A Proprietary Method To Initiate Healing & Recovery From A Chronic Fissure
Session 2: Advanced Strategy To Aid Recovery, Restore Elasticity & Prevent Future Recurrence Of Your Fissure

Healing From A Fissure Is Lonely

Good News! You Don't Have To Do It On Your Own ...

Identify Why You Got A Fissure

Understand the common reasons for why we get a fissure so that you can prevent a recurrence

Get Your Social Life Back

Suffering in silence can be a lonely experience. Discover how to enjoy a social life again

Overcome Your Fear Of Restrooms

Navigating a public restroom can be a nightmare. Soon that worry will be in the past

Manage Your Pain

There's nothing worse than rolling around in agony. Know how to quickly get your life back

Get Your Career Back

We all need to pay our bills. No one has unlimited sick pay. Find out how you can return to work.

Discover How To Eat Normally Again

Eating a restricted diet and living in fear of food is no fun. Find out how to eat the foods you enjoy

What Others Are Saying

"This is priceless"

 "Thank you so much for this support. I followed Sam's advice and within days I could feel a big change. I'm no longer curling up on the bed (in floods of tears) after using the bathroom. The products are working and I'm glad that I don't have to suffer on my own. Knowing I can reach out to someone who's already been through this is priceless. "

Jenny Falconer


"Sam really helped"

"I sit down a lot in my job. At first I didn't understand why I got a fissure but now it makes sense. I want to give huge credit to Sam and what he's doing. My physician doesn't understand what it's like, the pain, the not being able to sit comfortably... but Sam really helped and I'm grateful. Thank you my man!

John Griffiths

Software Developer

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A 30 minute 1-1 Session With Sam Summers To Put You On The Road To Recovery

DISCLAIMER: Signing of an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) is required before 1-1 support sessions are given. Results may vary. Your progress will depend on how closely you follow the advice and instruction given. By purchasing this 1-1 support you agree that there will be no refunds due to the nature of time committed. You also accept that your results will depend on numerous factors, including but not limited to: the condition of your health, weight, diet, exercise, maintaining a positive attitude and your expectations.

If you’re not willing to sign the NDA, follow instructions, use the proprietary methods and accept responsibility for your own recovery, please DO NOT PURCHASE 1-1 CONSULTATION SUPPORT.

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