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Healing An Anal Fissure by Sam Summers

List of Recommended Products

Using all of these products will help your fissure to heal faster and naturally.
(For easy access all images are hyper linked to the product page)

1. Dulcolax Stool Softener

2. Metamucil - Fiber

3. Tylenol - Pain Relief

4. Advil - Pain Relief

5. Quilted Toilet Roll

6. Magnesium - Regular Stools

7. Vitamin C - Antioxidant

8. H Fissures Formula - heals the fissure.
Available here:

9. Organic H Salve

10. Doctor Butler's Ointment - Pain & Itching

11. Recticare - Itching & Burning

12. Recticare Wipes - Cleaning

13. Sitz Bath – for relief of spasm after a bowel movement

14. Sitz Bath Soaks - for use with the Sitz Bath

15. Aloe Vera - cools the itching & burning

16. Colloidal Silver Gel - antibacterial for burning

17. Organic Coconut Oil

18. Organic Shea Butter

19. Probiotics

20. Zinc Picolinate

21. Vaseline - Lubricant

22. Nutri Ninja - for blending foods

23. Miralax - Stool Softener

24. Miralax Sachets - Easy To Carry

25. Uriage Bariederm – provides a barrier to help with healing

26. Calmoseptine Ointment - soothes & heals

27. Desitin Cream – repairs & heals

28. Organic Wheatgrass Powder – antioxidant

29. Orthopedic Tailbone Donut Cushion – For Chair Support (Optional)

30. Hemorrhoids Complex (Optional) – use only if you also have hemorrhoids

31. Detachable Shower Head Hose (Optional)

32. Disposable Diaper Bags (Optional)

What Others Are Saying

John Griffith

"Thank you so much for this support. I followed Sam’s advice and within days I could feel a big change. 

I’m no longer curling up on the bed (in floods of tears) after using the bathroom. The products are working and I’m glad that I don’t have to suffer on my own. 

Knowing I can reach out to someone who’s already been through this is priceless.  "

- Jenny Falconer, Photographer

"I sit down a lot in my job. At first I didn’t understand why I got a fissure but now it makes sense. 

I want to give huge credit to Sam and what he’s doing here. I don’t know anyone else that would bother to help others once they’re healed. 

I’ve been to see my doctor but he doesn’t understand what it’s like, the pain, the not being able to sit comfortably… Sam has really helped and I’m grateful. Thank you my man!  "

John Griffiths, Software Developer

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